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Sinead & Jason - First Look - Ballymagarvey Village, Co. Meath

Sinead gives us a little insight on why herself and Jason went for a First Look and how they felt.

first look0006.jpg

The reason we decided to do a first look was because we thought it would be nice for us to see each other for the first time with nobody else around. We also thought that if were nervous before the ceremony, seeing each other would put us both at ease. When we met for the first look it was a very special moment for us. We were filled with emotion... a mix of nerves, anticipation, excitement and love. We are both so happy we did it.

first look0001.jpg

first look0002.jpg

first look0003.jpg

first look0004.jpg

first look0005.jpg

first look0007.jpg

first look0008.jpg

first look0009.jpg

first look0010.jpg

first look0011.jpg

first look0012.jpg

first look0013.jpg

first look0014.jpg

first look0015.jpg

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